Dr Mehmet Oz says to Michael J Fox, Oprah & ~7.2 million viewers:

“I think, Oprah, the stem cell debate is dead.”

“The problem with embryonic stem cells is that embryonic stem cells come from embryos, like all of us are made from embryos, and those cells can become any cell in the body, but it’s very hard to control them and so they can become cancer.”

“I can take a little bit of your skin, take those cells, get them to go back in time so they are like they were when you were first made, and then they will start to make that dopamine & I think those cells, because they won’t be as prone to cancer & because they’re your genes will be the ones that are ultimately used to cure Parkinsons.”

“I think we are single digit years away from making a big impact in the lives of Parkinson’s disease but also diabetics, heart disease, people who have had a lot of problems.”

you can see the video here:



  1. Sara Morita Says:

    I am grateful for Dr. Oz’s realistic comments about the benefits of adult stem cell research vs embryonic stem cell research. Politicized science isn’t science at all and the resulting lack of open, honest, scientific discussion only serves to delay scientific progress. Too many people are unaware of the remarkable advances being made with non-embryonic stem cells and many aren’t even aware that such stem cells exist. My thanks to Dr. Oz and Mr. Fox for taking on this issue fairly

  2. While I agree with you in general, please be aware that I have been screaming about the benefits of adult stem cells for years now. The USA has a long way to catch up…and I don’t mean in the way that Dr Oz says they have caught up 10 yrs in the past 1. While this is a fantastic shot across the bow, waking up people in the US, it will be a long time before the general population realizes that adult stem cells have been treating over 100 diseases successfully for 5-10 yrs around the world. I was amazed to see Michael J Fox, of the Michael J Fox foundation and supposedly tapped into all of the current science of stem cells; looking like this was the first he heard of stem cells from skin (iPSC). Maybe my read is off…but in any case, as huge steps in the right direction go, I also applaud them.

  3. benotafraid Says:

    I thought both he (Fox)and Oprah were (ideologically) squirming in their seats at the suggestion that embryonic stem cells would not be the answer here. I think Dr. Oz surprised them both. It is very cool that Dr. Oz was able to cut right to the heart of the issue quickly and effectively. That is about the best we can expect from an Oprah type show.

  4. Oz slams the door on embryonics!

    3 times I have fielded understandable questions from very wise people who want to know why Dr Oz did not go into detail about adult stem cells and iPS cells. Here is my answer to them.

    “you have to understand that you know more about stem cells than 99% of the people in the US. to them , stem cells = embryos = babies. as far as they know, there are no other stem cells.

    walk down the street and ask someone what an adult stem cell is. ask them what an iPS cell is. you will only get blank stares.

    what Oz did was truly amazing. shunning history, media, obama’ s funding, the FDA and the AMA…not to mention the fruitless decade long pursuit of embryonic cures undertaken by the always cute michael j fox with the shadow of chris reeves hovering over him…

    Oz slammed the door on embryonics.

    one step at a time we will educate the masses and introduce them to the fact that adult stem cells have been treating diseases around the world successfully for a decade. one step at a time…and this was a huge first step!

    So from where I am sitting, I want to express a huge amount of appreciation for what he did. Thank you Dr Oz!

  5. To all interested persons:
    I was and am amazed at David’s perfect grasp of the effect of The Wizardry of Oz.
    My only advice to activists is to read it more than once as I did.
    Don Margolis
    Chairman, Repair Stem Cell Institute

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