The world is embracing the research and successful treatments of diseases with Repair stem cells, reaping huge rewards of life extension, improved quality of life and the curing of so-called incurable diseases.  This group will bring you up to date on the news, benefits and opportunities available in the world of REPAIR STEM CELLS.


REPAIR STEM CELL Mission Statement:
In this blog, if nothing else, I want to share a monumentally significant truth because I know that it may change both the way you live and the manner in which you die. If I impress nothing else upon you, I want you to gain knowledge of one simple truth.

To date, Repair (Adult) stem cells have successfully treated 73 diseases believed to be “incurable” in the United States (when you count only US published scientific papers) and well over 100 if you include reports from outside the USA.

Embryonic stem cells have successfully treated zero and the US continues to be locked in an unwinnable argument over the ethics and funding of embryonic stem cells.

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Information found on this group is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used as treatment. Consult your Doctor if you have a medical condition.


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